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This year the Abogar Board of Directors set the 2018 Budget at $85,100. The monthly need for us to reach our budget is $7,091. We invite you to join us in serving the children of Latin America through gifts of monthly financial and prayer support.

One specific way you can be involved in helping us reach our budget is to support us in our increased commitment to the Special Kids School. This year we will be providing the salaries for three teachers, which means we need to raise a total of $12,000 for the Special Kids School ($1,000 commitment per month).

Last year we learned of the financial challenges that the school is experiencing, which presents a real threat to the school remaining open. Most of you have heard us mention the Special Kids School in other publications. It is an incredible school that serves 41 preschool age children in a community that is the war grounds for two rival gangs. The school serves children of families from both gangs and is a respected institution in the community because of the quality of care it provides to their children. They also receive academic training, biblical teaching, and the love of the Father through the staff and teachers. The teachers have made sacrifices in pay to serve these precious children and we want to see that they receive their full wages.


Please prayerfully consider investing in the Special Kids School and the work of Abogar to impact the lives of a multitude of children in Latin America. See the enclosed pledge options for details on how you can donate and/or serve as a prayer partner.

May you and your family find blessing and happiness in the Lord!

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Pledge Options for Abogar International Ministries

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Option 1 – Special Kids School: Donate toward the salaries of three teachers who have made financial sacrifices to work and serve at a small village school. These teachers do wonderful work teaching academics and biblical truths to preschool children of the families of rival gangs. The school is a haven for the children and a respected institution in the community that is the war grounds for these rival gangs.

Option 2 – Vidas Nuevas en Villa Nueva: This ministry meets every Saturday to provide a meal, activities and Bible lesson to children of a low-income community in Villa Nueva. It also serves to promote forever families by strengthening the families of the children. Your donation will go toward supplies for the ministry and may go toward the expenses of a new location, as the current location will not be usable in the near future.

Option 3 – Advocacy and Administrative: Your donation will empower us to advocate to Guatemalans and others on the behalf of the children, to see their needs met and lives changed. Administration costs include many things; a vehicle, personnel expenses, travel expenses, materials, and other resources.

Option 4 – Jesse Rivers’ Personal Support: God’s grace is upon Jesse as he oversees Abogar International Ministries, as well as leads the development of the Guatemalan branch of Abogar, raises up volunteers and donors, shares his testimony, ministers to children, and advocates for the children to governmental officials and others. For those of you who have always had a heart to do missions but have not had the opportunity to do so, please consider supporting Jesse personally as he fulfills the challenging and important role as the CEO of Abogar.

Option 5 – Capital Campaign: Donate toward the first Abogar property, to enable us to have a central location, greater presence in Guatemala, and to provide home and family to precious children in need. We would like to start with a mulit-purpose center, that would give us a base to grow our outreach and ministry throughout Guatemala. Your generous, tax-deductible gift towards this will help us further stabilize and strengthen our effectiveness in reaching these children for the glory of God.



Published by Abogar

As Founder and Executive Director of Abogar International Ministries, a nonprofit organization, I am excited to share with whomever is interested about the great and mighty work that God is doing through Abogar all throughout Latin America to impact, improve life, and advocate for orphaned children, street children, and youth at risk! Having come from a very hard childhood and being passed through foster care myself, God has caused me to have a tremendously loving and empathetic heart for so many children who find themselves in very horrible situations! For some reason God is drawing my heart and the focus to Latin America specifically.

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