Age-Out Pandemic; Institutionalization Breakdown

In my time of living on the celestial sphere, I, Jesse Rivers, have witnessed a lot of horrific tragedies and traumatic situations around the world, personally and through observation. It is almost impossible to try to fully and accurately depict in words many of these realities and their impacts on the population of the earth.Continue reading “Age-Out Pandemic; Institutionalization Breakdown”

$20… He Gave It All!

On my most recent work trip in the US, I, Jesse Rivers, had the great blessing and privilege to meet with many collaborators, prayer supporters, and financial supporters. From fishing together, eating together, celebrating my wife’s and my soon-coming first son, Jedidiah, giving updates and presentations, doing house repairs, preaching, and blessing other ministries, it’sContinue reading “$20… He Gave It All!”

Peace and Power to Pursue Justice…

Tumultuous times. With the presidential election still undecided in the United States, and with violent protestors attacking and setting the congress building on fire here in Guatemala, we are in tumultuous times. With the covid pandemic paralyzing and halting much of the world’s ‘normal’ activity, we are in tumultuous times. With the natural disasters andContinue reading “Peace and Power to Pursue Justice…”

Watch and Listen, Slow and Steady…

Every January Abogar International Ministries hosts a retreat for the Board of Directors. In the most recent years we have held it in San Diego, California, the official center and base of Abogar International Ministries. This retreat has been created specifically for the purpose of planning out direction and budget for the ministry for theContinue reading “Watch and Listen, Slow and Steady…”

In Trying Times… Letter from Abogar’s CEO

Dear Prayer Supporters, Financial Supporters, and Interested Parties of Abogar, We find ourselves living in trying times in these days. With much fear and uncertainty that has infiltrated the whole world, one must maintain a clear mind and a disciplined life before God. With sickness, pestilence, and plague affecting large geographical areas around the globe,Continue reading “In Trying Times… Letter from Abogar’s CEO”

Moving Forward In Transition…

Please read the following two letters… one from Abogar International Ministries’ Board of Directors and one from Abogar’s CEO… to learn about the soon coming transition for Abogar. We are excited for next steps, and hope you’ll join us with your continued financial and prayer support! LETTER FROM THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS Personnel Relocation DearContinue reading “Moving Forward In Transition…”