Prayer Items


  1. Please pray for Abogar Guatemala to be able to formalize Asociacion Abogar Guatemala soon.
  2. Praise God for local donors on the ground in Guatemala helping children of Guatemala.
  3. Praise God for donors and prayer supporters in the US.
  4. Please pray for God to touch hearts of more people and businesses to partner with Abogar with monthly donations and prayer support.
  5. Please pray for provision of funds for a new and larger vehicle on the ground in Guatemala.
  6. Please pray for a family we work with that is being threatened and extorted by a gang!
  7. Please pray for people’s heart to connect with our Capital Campaign; that we can purchase necessary property SOON!
  8. Praise God for Abogar Guatemala’s Vidas Nuevas program, where we are ministering to, discipling, and loving on over 40 children!


  1. The children in need in Latin America: for their salvation, community, health, education, basic needs, and safety.
  2. For God to call and prepare Christian-couple parents for the Homes of Hope; that the parents may be ready to come alongside God’s and Abogar’s mission and vision to love the children they are given for their entire lives.
  3.  For continuing connections and opportunities to network and partner with other organizations and ministries in Guatemala.
  4. The continued development and growth of the board of directors and association for Abogar Guatemala.