Xposure Xperiences

Where are they?

Villa Nueva, Guatemala
Housed by Abogar Partners and hosted by Founder, Jesse Rivers, and his family.

What are they?

Abogar’s Xposure Xperience* Trips are 9-day trips to Guatemala to expose people to the plight and circumstances of the children who are orphaned, abandoned, and/or homeless.
The trips also offer a chance for hearts to become exposed to God’s heart for these precious children.

Who are they for?

Youth groups

Definition of Exposure:

To give revelation or insight

There are millions of children who are orphaned, living in the streets, and youth at risk throughout Latin America that are often ignored, overlooked, and are most susceptible to sex trafficking, abduction, abuse, and even avoidable death. Abogar International Ministries is committed to leading Xposure Xperiences*, that together we may become more involved in transforming lives of these precious children.

The purpose of these 9-day Xposure Xperience journeys to specific locations throughout Latin America is three-fold.

  1. To expose the plight, challenges, situations, and circumstances that these precious children face.
  2. To expose the quality Christian organizations already doing effective ministry with these precious children.
  3. To expose people to our own ignorance, stereotypes, and misconceptions about these precious children.

*”Xposure Xperience” is spelled very intentionally. You have heard the expression, “X marks the spot.” Well, we believe that X marks the spot of God’s heart, and we know God’s heart to be for children who are orphaned, living in the streets, and youth at risk. Therefore we lead trips to give others Xposure to these children and their needs, so others may partner with us and other great Christian organizations to help these children know a better, God-centered life! These are Xperiences of a lifetime, marking the heart of God for these children, so join us!!

Do you want to be exposed to these things, and allow God to speak to your heart about these children? Consider joining one of our Xposure Xperiences!!

Contact us at info@abogarim.org if you are interested!

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