Capital Campaign for Property

Our commitment is to see Homes of Hope
campuses be raised up in areas where the
need exists for Christ-centered forever homes.
We invite you join us in prayer and giving
to see these campuses take shape and begin
offering forever families and forever homes!

Abogar International Ministries is seeking to create the model that God has given to the Founder and Executive Director, Jesse Rivers.

Our first step in this process is to purchase property on the ground in Guatemala. Through evaluation and investigation, it has been determined that Phase 1 of the Capital Campaign shall be to raise $500,000, which will enable us to purchase a property on which we can implement the model.
Once we have the property, we will then move on to Phase 2, which will be to construct a Multi-Purpose center in the middle. This building will host medical facilities, a church location, an arts department, and vocational training facilities for economic and community development. There will be additional space for classes, lessons, and bible studies with parents and guardians! Phase 2 will be evaluated to determine the amount of funding we will need to raise, once we complete Phase 1.
Phase 3 will consist of opening our Homes of Hope on the property; rescuing orphaned, abandoned, abused, and at-risk children, helping them to have forever homes, forever families, and educational opportunities! Again, once Phase 2 is complete we will then evaluate and assess the needed amount of funds that we shall have to raise to successfully see our Homes of Hope constructed and maintained well.
If you would like to contribute to Phase 1 of our model, helping us to be able to purchase the property, please make note of it in your donation. Options for donations can be seen here.

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