ABOGAR (Spanish verb):

To advocate for, to plead on behalf of, to intercede for

Our Mission: To advocate for and minister to children who are orphaned or living on the street, and youth at risk throughout Latin America; networking with existing ministries, churches, businesses, and individuals to develop strategies and implementation that will offer these children Christ-centered hope, stability, love, and an opportunity-filled future.



salaries paid to Special Kids School dedicated teachers.



supporters of Abogar and our Guatemalan partners.
That’s you guys!!!!



opportunities with Vidas Nuevas children despite the COVID restrictions and precautions.



distributions to families of Special Kids children.

If you are like-minded and would like to get involved, please let us know by contacting us at info@abogarim.org.

At Abogar International Ministries we strive to love on these children and invest in their lives. We want them to know there is a God who sees them and loves them. We seek partnership with organizations, churches, businesses, and individuals that are like-minded to help these children have Christ-centered education, forever homes, and forever families.

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