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Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision:

Empowering children who are orphaned or living on the street, and youth at risk throughout Latin America to have a future of hope and opportunity!

Boy giving a shoe shine on the street

Our Mission:

To advocate for and minister to children who are orphaned or living on the street, and youth at risk, throughout Latin America; networking with ministries, churches, businesses, groups, and individuals to establish, preserve, and strengthen lifelong families and lifelong homes to offer these children Christ-centered hope, stability, love, and an opportunity-filled future.

shoe shiners on bench with Jesse

We Have a Threefold Focus:

1. Networking

We evaluate successful Christian ministries that are already working with these children and come alongside them to be complementary and enhance each other’s strengths to increase the potential effect we can have among these children. We also connect the children to successful Christian ministries, businesses, churches, and people within their own cultures and societies to have a greater potential for success.

2. Knowledge

We value education for the children spiritually, academically, and in specific trades. The focus is to educate those in the poor communities in ways of moving out of poverty– spiritual poverty, physical poverty, and even emotional poverty. Also, we aim to impart knowledge and awareness to the general population about the plight of these children and invite others to become involved.

3. New Homes

We aim to create new Homes of Hope throughout Latin America for these children. We are NOT looking to create orphanages, but rather homes with Christian married couples (male & female couples) who offer lifelong family to 6 to 10 children who are orphaned. This will help develop stability physically, emotionally, and spiritually for the children while helping to prepare them to be successful contributing participants in their culture and society.

The Meaning of Our Logo and its Colors

The Abogar logo is the shape of a triangle, which symbolizes several things to us. The first is that we serve a triune God and He has given us our three-fold focus of networking, new homes, and knowledge.

Secondly, the triangle has a large base and points upward. The base represents Jesus, who is our foundation, and we always want to be pointing up to God. The triangle is outlined by the red ‘A’ of Abogar, which is prominent as it represents our primary role as advocates for the children. This ‘A’ also overarches the black ‘i’ of International and the blue ‘M’ of Ministries.

Abogar "A" icon


represents the blood of Jesus Christ… our biggest advocate. May Jesus Christ be our example and model of humility and sacrifice as we advocate for these children.


represents the presence of all colors of the color wheel. May we not see or make distinction between the children in need. Black represents an international approach for our ministry, and an appreciation of diversity, though specifically focused in Latin America.


represents the sky and ocean… beautiful and full and they go on for what seems like forever. May the ministries of Abogar be beautiful and full and go on for what seems like forever, until the return of our Lord and King, Jesus Christ.

Our Theme Verse:

"Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world."
James 1:27

Help give vulnerable children an opportunity-filled future.

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