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Guatemalan Exploration… The Journey Begins!

By April 20, 2012March 3rd, 2024No Comments

Wow! What God is doing is incredibly more than I, Jesse Rivers, could have imagined! Having spent 3/30-4/13/2012 in Guatemala on the first exploration, evaluation, and vision setting trip for Abogar International Ministries, I am struck by the immense faithfulness and provision of God for His children when we walk in the ways He calls us to!! Its hard for me to use that language,  immense faithfulness and provision, when I think of the millions of children throughout Latin America dying of starvation and malnutrition, living on the streets, in dumps, or in slums, cold, empty handed, and lacking hope… immediate hope of provision and eternal hope of salvation because no one is sharing with them! However, the immense faithfulness and provision from God that I did see on this trip is that of confirmation, divine appointments, and clarity and discernment for the future of Abogar International Ministries!

This trip to Guatemala most impacted me, as President and Executive Director, to hold unswervingly to the firm commitment that Abogar International Ministries is a Christian organization that seeks to address the spiritual, physical, and emotional needs of the orphaned children, street children, and youth at risk in Latin America! The organization is ‘Christian’ in the sense and fullness that it needs to be constantly surrendered to the guidance, direction, and purposes of God’s heart! The theme verse of Abogar International Ministries is James 1:27… where we are challenged and called to look after orphans and widows in their distress! As we begin with a focus on the orphan, I am completely open to and hopeful for the opportunity in the future that there will be a ministry within AbogarIM that reaches out to widows also.

I saw a lot of emptiness in religion being practiced by many, without any recognition of relationship with Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. To serve this organization, and these children, in the best way that I believe God is asking of me I must be very clear that the very first focus of purpose of Abogar International Ministries is to be Christ-centered and bring glory to God! To feed the mouths of these youth, offer programs, plans, homes, and opportunities without addressing the need of their souls is like giving someone a car without keys or gasoline… we provided something but have still left them stranded right where they are at! I want not to perpetuate religion, a man-created institution of emptiness and lack of true hope. I want what God considers true religion… not attachment to an institution, organization, or system. In my heart, soul, and life I know an overwhelming fountain of joy, peace, love, truth, and hope because I walk daily in a relationship with Jesus Christ! Call me crazy if you will, but yes, its a daily relationship where Jesus talks to me and I talk with Him! Being led by the Spirit and trusting God the Father to provide and reveal all that is His will for me, for Abogar International Ministries, and His will for these children, I will fight on their behalf that they may know fullness of hope, love, joy, peace, etc. etc. by walking with Jesus!

Guatemala showed me that this journey will be tough. AbogarIM will face enemies, opponents, challenges, and trials… but moreso, as long as this organization is Christ-centered and pursuing Jesus while loving on these youth, Abogar International Ministries will have an eternal impact on the lives of a multitude of youth throughout Latin America! May mouths be fed, children be able to climb into warm safe beds, moms and dads be reconciled with their children, futures be brightened and bettered, and an immense eternal impact be made in Latin America through the work and ministries of Abogar International Ministries!!      How can you be a part of this???     Let us know!!

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