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20/20 Vision… Called, Convicted, and Committed…

2020 is here! I hope that our vision is 20/20 vision, guided and directed by God Himself! Over the last few months God has been placing three words on my heart and mind a lot… called, convicted, and committed. Though most may not know it, and may not want to know it, we all have … Continue reading

Working Unto the Lord! Prayer warriors needed please!!

As God has challenged me to take up this amazing endeavor of creating and moving forward with Abogar International Ministries, I have been tremendously blessed with His confirmations, affirmations, and reaffirmations! He has been extremely faithful in this process, and I am certain He will carry Abogar International Ministries to accomplish His good will and … Continue reading

Mexico Ministry… Saving lives… Literally!!

Wow! So this past Saturday, April 21st, 2012 was a very different kind of experience for me! I have been regularly (once a month) joining another ministry to visit an orphanage in Tijuana, Mexico to love on the children there. Its been an amazing opportunity and connection; and seeing others also love on these children … Continue reading

Guatemalan Exploration… The Journey Begins!

Wow! What God is doing is incredibly more than I, Jesse Rivers, could have imagined! Having spent 3/30-4/13/2012 in Guatemala on the first exploration, evaluation, and vision setting trip for Abogar International Ministries, I am struck by the immense faithfulness and provision of God for His children when we walk in the ways He calls … Continue reading

The Story of Jessica…

In 2001, I, Jesse Rivers, was on a mission trip to India, and was working in an orphanage of 150 orphans. I got to see each of them loved on, cared for, and provided for by the Founder and Pastor, his family, and the staff. While there, one day a young lady with a newborn … Continue reading

The Motivation Behind AbogarIM

What is the motivation for creating Abogar International Ministries? Honestly, there are a few different motivating factors. God is the greatest motivator of my heart and life, as I know His heart is for children, and that He looks after the orphaned child. I feel very driven and called by God to be a voice … Continue reading

Introducing… the AbogarIM Blog!

WELCOME to my blog! I have been meaning to start a blog for quite some time, but now having just begun the initial steps of creating a nonprofit organization, Abogar International Ministries, NOW has become this time to get blogging! Being new to the blogging world, I ask for a little grace if I don’t … Continue reading