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11:45pm in the Hospital

By March 9, 2023February 13th, 2024No Comments
Father, Son, Cross
Being a father is such an amazing privilege and responsibility! This morning, at 2:30am, my baby boy needed cuddle time with daddy. He laid by my side with his hand on my chest and body cuddled against me for an hour and a half! I tried not breathing or moving, because I didn’t want to wake him and loved basking in his beauty and our cuddle time! What a blessing and privilege!

Today, after several months of avoiding peanut butter, we mixed a little in Jedidiah’s bottle. Unfortunately, he seems to be allergic, and this evening has had more than ten bouts of vomiting, until his body was shaking and his stomach was thumping like a drum!

Needless to say, my wife and I rushed him to a private Christian hospital! They have hydrated him, checked several tests, and have determined that yes, it’s an allergy to peanut butter. Now he’s been smiling, laughing, and is now ready to sleep, though he is still being hydrated!

So, it’s 11:45pm here, and we sit in a hospital room. It makes me think of my Heavenly Father, and His love for His children! Many don’t know His love, so the cuddling and rushing to the hospital doesn’t resonate with their experience of a father’s love. However, my relationship with God has been so intimate and full of His love, that I know He would cuddle me and be by my side if I needed to be in the hospital! He is an “11:45pm in the hospital” Father!

My desire in life is help others, especially precious children, to know the love of that kind of Father! The One who is by our side in sleep, in the hospital, or wherever else life takes us! It’s now 11:55pm, and we should be leaving the hospital soon, but I want this day to stick in my mind and heart for a very long time! I have a Father who is ready for me at 2:30am in the morning or in the hospital at 11:45pm! He is a good God and a great Father!

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