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My First Ministry… Family!

By March 10, 2023February 13th, 2024No Comments
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It’s incredible to me, Jesse Rivers, one who has not had much of a true presence of family in my life, just how important God has made family to me! What we do at Abogar, working with precious children, is specifically to help ensure lifelong family and home! While our initial focus is to be present with, and ministering to, the children, the larger goal and overall focus is family strengthening and family preservation! It’s a long-haul focus and pursuit!

However, for this ministry to truly thrive, I believe that the first ministry of each member of the Abogar team is their own families! As I want to live out integrity, today I canceled an Abogar ministry event for tomorrow, as I am putting my family as my first ministry! My son is quite sick and in need of significant attention right now! I currently sit in the hospital with my wife, as Jedidiah sleeps. How can we encourage others to have healthy, strong, lifelong families if we are not ourselves living out that priority and value? My family is a great gift from God, and I will strive to bless them as long as I live!

Priorities are important in life. What is your first ministry/focus of life? Is it your career? Is it the accumulation of wealth and/or power? Is it fame or recognition? Is it a safe, comfortable, and peaceful location and established presence? With God at the center, I encourage each of us to truly evaluate our own lives, and see clearly what focus, ministry, or thing we strive for! I want to please God, and I believe that loving my family is my first and greatest service to the Lord! Lord, please help me to keep my family as my first ministry, so that blessings may flow out from my family into all other areas of my life! Amen!

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