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10 YEARS… HALLELUJAH!!! Praise God!!!

By March 1, 2022February 13th, 2024No Comments

A DECADE! 10 YEARS! Wow! I, Jesse Rivers, Founder and CEO of Abogar International Ministries, sit here humbled and grateful for the amazing faithfulness and provision of God! Abogar has now been in existence for 10 years! I am amazed that we find ourselves here, but God never ceases to amaze in the way He guides, provides, works, and moves! All praise rightfully belongs to Him! All glory to God!

In these first 10 years of ministry, there have been some great struggles, ways to learn and grow, and need for adjustments! However, these 10 years of ministry, Abogar’s first decade of existence, have also held so many blessings and opportunities to impact and change the lives of many children and families in Latin America! Since starting, we have been able to minister in Mexico, Ecuador, and Guatemala. The majority of children and families that we have been blessed to minister to though, are located here in Guatemala, from where I sit today writing this blog. There are so many stories of change, impact, and growth in the lives of children and families, and we are so blessed to be able to participate with God in seeing families strengthened and preserved, as well as to see children have lifelong family and lifelong home! We have also helped for the children and families to receive great education… not only academic education, but also spiritual and life-formation education! We continue to give all praise God for the privilege to partner with Him and to minister to the families and children of Latin America!

For Abogar to have arrived successfully to this date, we have not only needed God’s help and presence, but also yours! We truly thank each of you who have caught God’s vision and heart for these precious children and families! Each of you who have joined us with your finances, prayers, encouragement, and support have helped sustained this ministry! 10 years of ministry would not have been possible without such a great group of prayer supporters, donors, encouragers, staff, volunteers, as well as our board of directors! Thank you from the depths of my heart, and thank you from Abogar and the families and children whose lives have been so greatly impacted for God’s glory!

While we still find ourselves in a time of pandemic, where many restrictions still exist in many places, we look forward to what the next 10 years have for Abogar. We know that this year there are still many ways that we seek to build up the ministry. We ask for your continued prayers and generous support, and look forward to seeing many others join our donor base and our prayer support team! Here’s to a first decade of ministry completed! All praise and glory to God, and thank each of you again, whom have participated with us as well!

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