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Working Unto the Lord! Prayer warriors needed please!!

By May 4, 2012March 3rd, 2024No Comments

As God has challenged me to take up this amazing endeavor of creating and moving forward with Abogar International Ministries, I have been tremendously blessed with His confirmations, affirmations, and reaffirmations! He has been extremely faithful in this process, and I am certain He will carry Abogar International Ministries to accomplish His good will and pleasure! With God as the one who is breathing vision and life into it, I am certain it will do incredible things for His glory!

As I think of the process that is required to take Abogar International Ministries to the place of being an official 501 c 3 tax exempt nonprofit organization, I am aware that it will be a long and hard road, but a beautiful one! Due to this recognition, as well as knowing my full schedule over the next four months (four different countries, four seminary-like ordination classes, paperwork and legality for AbogarIM, denomination General Conference, denomination Holiness camp, speaking and networking engagements, etc.), I am really reaching out to YOU to seek prayer supporters in this process!

Prayer and Christ-centeredness in this process will be the only way AbogarIM will truly be successful and bring God His due glory! Please consider praying for me and for Abogar International Ministries, especially throughout the end of August with such a large agenda. (Also, if any of you are being prompted, convicted, or just desire to be financial contributors please check out the Support AbogarIM tab at the top of the page to see how you can be involved!) It is such an amazing and awesome privilege to serve our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ first and foremost, and to also be able to serve the orphaned children, street children, and youth at risk in Latin America! If you are a prayer warrior, or just love praying, and will be willing to commit to pray for Abogar International Ministries, please feel free to send me an email,, to let us know that you will be prayer support for this great endeavor! May we each work unto the Lord, as He invites us to! Thanks so much! Blessings and peace!

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