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Christmas Trip to Mexican Orphanage

By December 23, 2012March 3rd, 2024No Comments

Yesterday was an amazing day in which I, Jesse, helped lead a team of 48 volunteers across the Mexican border to an orphanage, Casa Hogar Belen, in Tijuana, Mexico! We brought with us numerous gifts, clothing, backpacks, needed supplies, and lots of love! It was amazing and beautiful to see all the volunteers pour out their time, energy, and love upon these orphaned children. The kids definitely stole a lot of hearts, for sure! As you can see in the pictures, the kids were blessed with all the gifts and love they received!

While these kids, staff, and whole orphanage really have many physical needs, one of the greatest ways to be Christ-like to them is to truly share relationships with them; to be incarnational. Christ came to be with us (Immanuel – God with us!), and we too need to be intentional and present with these kids. We definitely strive to help with their physical needs, and gave a gift of $1000+ to the orphanage, as well as all the previously mentioned gifts and more! In church this morning though, I was really blessed that the pastor gave a Christmas message focusing on the truth that God has made us for relationship with each other. These kids do not have family, and they need consistent loving relationships in their life!

Abogar International Ministries partners with another Christian nonprofit to lead monthly trips to this orphanage. We desire to build consistency in relationship with the orphaned children, staff, and the pastor and his family. As the team of leaders for this ministry increases, we find ourselves with a broader base of consistent participants month by month to give these children continued relationships with people investing materially, financially, physically, spiritually, and emotionally! Please pray for these dear children in this Christmas season, that they will sense God’s love; as well as good, healthy human love! Praise God for the opportunity we have to be a consistent blessing to these kids. May we be able to bless more and more orphaned children… not only in Tijuana, Mexico, but throughout Mexico and all of Latin America!


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