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A New Year… Let’s ABOGAR (advocate) for the orphaned child!!

By January 7, 2013March 3rd, 2024No Comments

2012 was a bit of a whirlwind year! Abogar International Ministries got its start on March 1st, 2012 and has been growing steadily! Praise God for the confirmation, affirmation, and direction that has come in this past year! We are excited about the potential 2013 holds!

While we are still in working progress for all the official documentation with the IRS and state and federal government, we are looking forward in great expectation of some great advances this year. We will be seeking some connections with Christian orphanages across the border in Mexico for us to establish a consistent relationship with them; to bless the children and staff, and to develop some stable and secure relationships that will mentor and encourage these youth to really choose to make the most of every opportunity that they may be given. Please join us in praying for God to reveal which orphanage(s) we are to work with and how we can bless them.

Abogar’s Board of Directors will be meeting in San Diego, California this next weekend! It will be a Christ-centered time of vision casting, goal setting, structural critique, and unity building amongst the team. Please pray for Abogar’s Board of Directors (especially Friday, Saturday, and Sunday); that we would be like-minded in Christ and unified in the Spirit!

Our Founder and President, Jesse Rivers, will be making several trips this year to be advocating for the orphaned children, street children, and youth at risk there in Latin America. In February he will take his first ever trip to the sprawling metropolis of Mexico City, and hopes to make some connections with Christian ministries there that are working with these children. In May he will lead an Abogar X-POSurE trip to Guatemala with a total team of 7 people for 10 days. The trip will cause people to be exposed to the plight of these children, the ministries working with them, and our own hearts and how we perceive and think of these children. In July and some of August he will be in Pennsylvania raising awareness and advocacy, as well as establishing connections and networks to help the children. In the fall he will lead another X-POSurE trip with hopefully a larger team to another Latin American location (hopefully Honduras). While these are just a few of his responsibilities, it sure looks like a busy year. Please pray for Jesse to be strengthened by our great God to carry out the ministry and purposes that God has for him and for Abogar International Ministries!

The name ‘Abogar’ points to who we are and what we are about… advocacy; advocating and fighting for the orphaned children, street children, and youth at risk to have Christ-centered, opportunity-filled futures. Jesus is the great Abogar (advocate); as He intercedes for us before the Father. In this New Year we are excited for God to form us and shape us to be more in His image. We entrust in His hands the plans and purposes He has to use Abogar International Ministries to advocate for these children and reflect the love and light of God to them. Please pray for us here at Abogar International Ministries this year… that we really would be inspiration to many to take up God’s heart for us to advocate for the orphaned child, street child, and youth at risk throughout Latin America!

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