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Victoria… Pray for her!!

By May 13, 2013March 3rd, 2024No Comments

A father to the fatherless, a defender of widows, is God in his holy dwelling.                               —Psalm 68:5

After a great 10 day trip with a team here in Guatemala, I now have a few days alone to evaluate the trip, continue making new connections and kindling old connections as well, and visit with some special people here in this beautiful country. On my very first trip here, back in 2010, I worked at a school for poor children who cannot afford food or schooling; whose families are broken, poor, and need help as well. While here on that first trip, I met a beautiful little 6 year old girl named Fatima, who stole my heart!! She is like a daughter to me, though she does have a family of her own. We have such a beautiful bond!

Today, while I was visiting the school, I had an opportunity to spend time with Fatima and her class. Our bond is very strong, and I pray for her so much that God will really hold her, help her, and guide her to have an even better life than she could ever imagine. She really has my heart!! It was beautiful to be able to hold her hand and see her smile!

While spending time with Fatima, another little girl came and was starving for attention. She would touch my shoulder, come and ask me questions, and grab my hand. She even put her head on my shoulder and wrapped her arms around me. I asked her name, and she told me that it’s Victoria. She asked about my family, and I told her a little of my story.

Victoria then shared with me that she has no father… he died when she was a baby, and her mother just left her one day when she was very young. She now lives with her grandmother. She wants a daddy, and wants to be held and loved. My heart broke as I sat there looking into her beautiful rich brown eyes! Praise God that we have the hope of a God who is father and mother to those of us who have not have a mother or father.

As my heart was breaking, I had the tremendous privilege and blessing there in that classroom, with little kids sitting all around, to share with Victoria about God’s faithful love, and His desire for a daily love relationship with her. I told her that I feel her pain (and boy do I ever feel that pain!) and that I would be praying for her. My heart feels like Victoria is yet another daughter of my heart… Now there is Fatima AND Victoria!

Victoria’s story is not as unique as many would like to think. It is very common for kids here in Latin America to not have parents, be left by parents, and to struggle to receive any kind of positive attention. Please join me in praying for Victoria, and the millions of kids throughout Latin America who have similar, heart-wrenching stories. Pray for God to provide people who will step up and join Him in being fathers and mothers to these children who do not have mothers or fathers. Let’s also pray and ask God how we can be involved in His heart to reach these children! Holding them and praying for them is definitely a start, but I know that there is more that God wants for these children! Let’s let God use us to make the difference and change the world by changing the lives of these children, one child at a time!! Please pray for Victoria!!

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