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God’s greatest dance!!

By August 30, 2013March 3rd, 2024No Comments

Wearing a linen ephod, David was dancing before the Lord with all his might… II Samuel 6:14

While I cannot prove it scripturally, I do believe that God dances. Some would probably call heresy what I consider pure intuition. If we are made in God’s image, and God is creative and artistic (Please, just look at the world and galaxies of beauty that God has created.), how then could we not understand that the very innate desire within many of us to dance is from God Himself. 

I believe David’s dancing before God, scandalously clad in what would be an equivalent of our underwear today, was seen by God as beautiful… Not because it was scandalous, but rather because David’s heart was enthralled with who God is and how God works, and he used his body to express praise and adoration to God; aligned with his heart. I believe this desire to dance in worship and praise of God stems from who God is!

I believe God also dances. I believe He and the angels dance. In Luke 15:10 we are told that there is rejoicing with the angels of God over the life of one sinner who repents. While it is merely my speculation that this rejoicing consists of songs and dance, if I am right how much greater would they and God rejoice over lives dedicated and committed to the will of God Almighty?! I believe they join in a harmonious song of praise and adoration. Then they dance, and dance with 110% of who they are. I believe God also dances. I believe He rejoices over lives changed and saved for His glory, as His desire is to give good and perfect gifts to His children (James 1:17).

But as I think about the things that would make God dance, there is no greater thing than that of His children reaching out to love, cherish, support, and help those who do not have opportunity or potential! James 1:27 reveals God’s deep heart for children who are orphaned and women who are widowed. I believe that God’s greatest dance occurs when people step up and reach out to the children oprhaned and women widowed. I believe at the very center and core of God’s heart is the child, and that He is the defender and protector of the weak and poor children. But as God dances His greatest dance, He desires for His hands and feet here on Earth (Us, the people that make up the Body of Christ) to reach out and rescue these children!

Are you joining God in His greatest dance? Join Him! Let your life be a dance of praise to God as you join the fight and advocacy for children throughout Latin America who have no one looking out for them! God’s heart is for them! And He wants our hearts to be there as well! Lets join God’s greatest dance and step up and fight for these kids who need it! Its a yes or no decision! Are YOU a part of God’s greatest dance?

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