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Pushing Against A Rock…

By February 11, 2014No Comments

Recently, as I have felt some heaviness and discouragement in my lack of skill in fundraising and growing Abogar International Ministries so that we can be reaching and changing the lives of more and more needy youth in Latin America, God has been gently but persistently reminding me of something… His call on my life is not necessarily a call to success but rather to obedience. Please don’t misinterpret me; I did not say God sets us up for failure or is calling us to fail! But rather I am say that our callings from God are often to grow, guide, and develop us in faithfulness, commitment, discipline, and surrender. HE is God, and He alone can do all things well!

Often, after receiving what we sense as a calling from God, we take possession and ownership of that calling and what we think it should look like. I am guilty of this. I think that Abogar today should already have developed hundreds of homes for thousands of kids, though we are only a year and a half old as an organization. I think we should have fostered hundreds of families and given hundreds of educational scholarships to these children already. But God gently reminds me that He is inviting me, inviting Abogar, into His story, His will, His plan. We will, in time, have these success stories to share. But as we are a baby organization we will have to move at a pace equivalent to our ability; trusting God to grow us and guide and provide as He sees fit.

I read a story recently, and the author is unknown. In the story God tells a man living in the woods to go push on a massive rock every day. After a long time of daily pushing all-day-long against the giant boulder, the man becomes discouraged and cries out to God; feeling as though he has failed. God responds to the man and reminds him that He had never asked the man to move the rock, just to push against it. Then God points out that the man has a widened and brawny back now, with bulging biceps and rock hardened calves. God had used this calling for this man to push against the rock solely for strengthen his body and developing discipline in him for an even bigger calling. Then God picked up the giant boulder and moved it far away.

Am I willing to push against a rock? Even if I can’t move it? Am I willing to trust God in His calling on my life, even when it’s far from what I want and not how I envision my life being used for His glory. There are many surprise blessings and greater good in pursuing God and His calling on our lives; even if it means pushing against a rock we can’t move!

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