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A Dreamer… Willing and Wanting to Love!

By September 14, 2014No Comments

On the whole, God’s love for us is a much safer subject to think about than our love for Him. Nobody can always have devout feelings: and even if we could, feelings are not what God principally cares about. Christian Love, either towards God or towards man, is an affair of the will…         C.S. Lewis, Mere Christianity

I have been told, more than once, that I am a dreamer, a visionary, an optimistic pursuer of greatness. While the very human side of me enjoys dreaming of such things as a home and family in San Diego with daily beach trips and weekend excursions across the border into Mexico, the dreams I have most often are not for me. In an intentional act of submission, bending my will to align with God’s heart and will, my dreams consistently are to see this world radically changed for the glory of God; to see children and youth on fire for His glory and will, to see the less fortunate blessed with home, and family, education, and stability, to see men and women truly engaged with God’s heart and passion for this world to know Him in a committed love and Lordship relationship.

I must confess though, not surprisingly, that my love for God is far from perfect, and not always accompanied with feeling. I can, and often do, find myself with a wistful longing to know the American dream… a big home, family, white picket fence, 2 car garage, dog name Spot, and 2.5 children. However, I have truly learned that love and obedience to God, in pursuing the dreams that He is working out through me, IS truly “an affair of the will.” I do not always feel a desire to travel, to plead and advocate for others, or to die to my own earthly/fleshly desires, but it is God’s great love for me, working in me, that compels me to love Him and to love others with His great love! His love is faithful and strong. It was this very love that led Jesus to demonstrate for us the ultimate example, “Not my will, but Your will be done!”

As C.S. Lewis states, it is a safer subject to speak of and think of God’s great love for us, than our human, fallible, inconsistent love for Him and for others. My love, far from perfect, has failed God and many others. I have been failed by many others as well. It is far easier for me to run to, believe in, trust, and seek the love of God; who is faithful and never fails. It is this, His Christian Love, that I desire and dream of living out daily. I am willing and daring myself to love more like God does; empowered by His Spirit and strength.  I dream of a day when my life is so saturated with, drenched in, and exuding that Christian Love… faithful and never failing… that a multitude of others will see HIM, not me, and choose His great love to accept and share as well. The dreamer that I am dreams of  seeing a multitude of children’s lives changed, not just in worldly measures, but even more so by the great Christian Love that God has shown us in Christ Jesus. I am willing, Abogar is willing, to love the children of Latin America who need human love and an eternity changing, life transforming love from God! Are you too willing and wanting to love as God calls you to, however He specifically calls you?

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