Gearing Up To Go…

'God Bless The Children Home' Kids
‘God Bless The Children Home’ Kids
Twins... Josue & David
Twins… Josue & David








The time is quickly approaching when Abogar will be sending our Founder, Jesse Rivers, to Guatemala for an extended period; to live in God Bless The Children Home and volunteer his help and service to see their ministry thrive! He will also continue leading Abogar forward, while also focusing some time on language learning to really grow in his ability to use Spanish to further our ministry! We also anticipate new connections and partnerships being fostered and developed, and we are excited for all that God has store for all of us in this time!

As in most journeys, voyages, adventures, and missions we find ourselves in a time of gearing up for Jesse to go. The support and encouragement we have received in the last few months of preparation and planning for Jesse’s departure have been incredible! For the many prayer supporters and financial investors that have risen up in this time we are so very thankful. We are aware that we have a great need for an army of prayer warriors to surround Jesse and Abogar with their prayers. We also are needing others to join in with their finances. We currently need to raise ~$5,500 in the next 10 days, to ensure full funding to enable Jesse to be free to focus his time and efforts in Guatemala on the home and children where we sense God calling him and Abogar to be. We would invite you to please consider helping us to gear up for Jesse’s departure, by joining us with your one time gift or monthly financial commitment. All donations are tax deductible and truly are an investment in the lives of precious children. You can visit our support page,, to figure out the best way for you to become involved! Please be sure to note if your donation is specifically for “Jesse’s Support.”

We also will soon be starting a “Kids’ Supplies” Campaign, and we will share info soon of how you can contribute to the home being able to provide necessities like diapers, diaper cream, children’s vitamins, and baby formulas. Some of the basic necessities for these children are greatly needed, and God Bless The Children Home receives NO governmental compensation nor financial help for any of the children they take in. We are gearing up to go, but we are also gearing up to extend an invitation to any who would be interested in investing in the children with the funds and/or actual supplies themselves. Please prayerfully be considering how you can become involved!

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As Founder and Executive Director of Abogar International Ministries, a nonprofit organization, I am excited to share with whomever is interested about the great and mighty work that God is doing through Abogar all throughout Latin America to impact, improve life, and advocate for orphaned children, street children, and youth at risk! Having come from a very hard childhood and being passed through foster care myself, God has caused me to have a tremendously loving and empathetic heart for so many children who find themselves in very horrible situations! For some reason God is drawing my heart and the focus to Latin America specifically.

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