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Noise… STOP the NOISE!!! Make Music!

By October 23, 2015August 11th, 2021No Comments


Ever get overwhelmed by the noise all around you? I find myself laughing at, yet greatly connecting with, the picture above. I am covering my ears and crying out, as I am not a fan of noise. There are so many times when the world just seems to be racing and screaming all around me, and if feels like no one is willing to just stop, close our mouths, breathe, and just be able to listen or think!!

Noise is different than music though. As I sit here writing this, there is music playing in the background at this nice cafe I frequent when I need to get work done. Music motivates me, enables me to move forward, to be productive. Noise frustrates me, annoys me, overwhelms me to the point I lose productivity.

Thinking of the difference of noise and music, I am challenged to think about my own life and ministry. Sometimes I make noise, and sometimes I make music. There are days when my life is an encouragement, a motivation for others to continue forward. There are also those times when my life is just noise for others… frustrating, annoying, and overwhelming them. I think this tendency is true for all of humanity. I just want to learn how best to evaluate my life daily to be sure that I STOP the NOISE and make music!

Noise is the negative. Music is the positive. I wonder in this world, if we become more aware of the noise we are making, become intentional to STOP the NOISE, and begin making what music we can make, if then this world would be a more melodious and beautiful place to live for the glory of God. I want my lifesong to God to be one of praise and worship, beautiful and melodious music; not of noise and busyness. Today I pause to listen to music all around me, and choose to try to make music rather than just noise! How about you?

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