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Go Deep to Grow Tall!

By June 19, 2016August 11th, 2021No Comments

“The world does not need more Christian leaders grown tall; it desperately needs Christians grown deep.”     —Jedd Medefind (President of CAFO)

While attending an amazing international conference in early May this year, a man I truly admire and respect, Jedd Medefind, shared an incredible analogy of life. He spoke of the Sequoia tree… the largest living thing on earth. How tall, how resilient, how strong! But he focused not on the height or strength nor the resilience, but rather on what it takes for the tree to be so successful for so long… deep roots!! While it may tower over a hundred yards into the air, the Sequoia has over a 100 miles of roots below it to sustain it. Many come from afar to gaze on the beautiful Sequoias of California, but I would venture to say very few, if any, have come to gaze upon the amazing roots that sustain and enable the Sequoia to thrive against the natural elements that pose a threat!

Here is the link to Jedd’s Keynote Address. Please specifically pay attention from minute 6:05 through 7:55!!

As I am working hard to see Abogar be all that God wants for it to be, sometimes there can be questions from outside voices… Donors, friends, acquaintances, etc. “How many homes do you have for the kids? How many kids are you serving? Why don’t you just join World Vision or Compassion or another well established organization doing what you want to do?” People, in our world, day, and age, expect immediacy in results. Some have even lessened or stopped financial support because Abogar’s numbers are not what they expect. We tend to focus on numbers and results, rather than on the process. We are not worried about foundations and roots. We don’t want to be bothered with details of what must be done to lay a good and sustainable foundation. Rather we want to see the building erected NOW!

I too, sometimes struggle with this influence from the American culture in which I was raised… immediacy in results, numbers, outputs, and results. But people like Jedd remind me to stay grounded (punny?) and focused upon the important things that God has called me to… growing deep roots, laying a good foundation for Abogar, that eventually we can truly see a multitude of lives of children changed for the glory of God! Lives are already being changed… Praise God! And we look forward to a day when a multitude of them are reached!

An admission from me, I never set out to start an organization/ministry. I am being obedient to Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior. He does not promise for it to be easy, but that my obedience will be rewarded with fruits for His glory in His timing! So, I am in the process of making/growing a Sequoia for the glory of God, with the help of an amazing and growing team! And I am willing to invest time, as is Abogar’s board and team, in going deep, growing good roots, laying good foundation, and seeing Abogar be able to reach the children for the glory of God. One day, a multitude of children will get to know forever families, forever homes, and educational opportunities with Jesus Christ at the center!

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