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Can I Call You Daddy?

By August 31, 2016August 11th, 2021No Comments

The Spirit you received does not make you slaves, so that you live in fear again; rather, the Spirit you received brought about your adoption to sonship. And by him we cry, Abba, Father.”     Romans 8:15

It is an amazing thing to me that God, Abba Father, has adopted me into His family, Kingdom, and plan for all of eternity! I love that I can call out to Him as my Abba Father! As I work with children though, I know that often many of the fatherless don’t yet grasp or understand this incredible miracle and supernatural blessing.

Recently I received an invitation to share time with a gentleman and two of his grandchildren. Their story is quite challenging, as their father passed away from an overdose and the grandfather has stepped up to be a positive role model and male presence in their life! We met up at a nice restaurant and made introductions, as we all were strangers to each other. The gentleman we shall refer to as Bob, and the two grandchildren we shall refer to as Erica and Cory. Erica seems to be about 8 years old and Cory is around 6 years old.

As we sat at the table, Bob sat across from me, while Erica sat to my right and Cory to my left. Shortly after sitting, Erica became animated and very communicative with me, so I loved on her by listening and being attentive. Then Cory also wanted some attention. We started to chat. While talking with Cory, Erica said to me, “Can I call you Daddy?” My heart was touched but also felt a pang of pain… This young girl and her brother long for a father to be present with them and somehow I reminded them of him. I explained that I would shortly be returning here to Guatemala and that I was sorry that I couldn’t be a constant presence for her that she wants/needs, but that she could call me Daddy that day.

As we spent time together throughout the afternoon, Cory reached out a few times and took my hand in his. Erica enjoyed calling me Daddy and chatting with me a lot! There was time for us to swim together and they both desired to be thrown by me into deeper water. Bob also joined in the throwing the kids into deeper water and loving on them. The kids really soaked up the love.

This experience really touched my heart deeply. As a man who works with children regularly, you might think that this would become a commonplace experience for me. However, each time I hear a child’s heart expressed in longing for a father (or mother) I know that this longing is a God given one and makes me wish I could fix the whole world for everyone. I wish I could provide a daddy and/or mommy for all who need. However, all I can do is try to advocate and promote for others to step into these children’s lives and be their daddy or mommy… to be a Bob!

While we can call out to our heavenly Father, Abba Father, we humans all also have a longing for a earthly father, one who can be present with us as we grow. We need more men to step up, as Bob has done, and be a role model and father figure to the children who are fatherless or without safe and healthy structured families. I am so blessed that children feel such comfort, ease, and peace with me that they feel free to call me Daddy or Uncle. I want to see more men rise up and be Daddy to the fatherless, an Uncle to those needing male influence, and a godly example to these precious children!! What will you do if you hear the words, “Can I call you Daddy?”

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