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Presently Hurting…

By October 31, 2016August 11th, 2021No Comments

Jesus wept. John 11:35

In today’s day and age many seem to be in a whirlwind of activity, entertainment, and pursuit for ‘success’. They look for the $ mark, for results, for happiness and self-worth. Yet, I feel like so many find themselves feeling so empty, as they achieve the highest levels of finance and ‘success’. Yet so many, including those who call themselves Christians, fall into this routine of life.

However, the Word tells us to be in this world without being of this world. Our focus and lifestyle should be different, markedly, than that of the world. This leads me to have a message specifically to my Christian friends and those who are TRUE Christ followers…
I have a bit of a rebuke for each of us, including myself. When we ask a brother and sister how they are doing, they should not feel like they have to lie to us and just say they are fine, happy, or blessed. If they are sad and passing through a hard time, they should have a family and body of believers to whom they can share their sadness and pain, and we should enter in with them, rather than being uncomfortable and telling them that they should just be happy!! While we desire for their happiness and blessing, often our reason for encouraging them to be so is selfishly motivated so we don’t have to be uncomfortable or presently hurting with them… but I humbly suggest that presently hurting with them is the call and model that Jesus Christ gives us!
In the book of John in the Bible (Chapter 11), we see Jesus walking to the tomb of Lazarus with His disciples and a group of loved ones. He knows that He will be raising Lazarus from the dead, so He knows the victory and miracle of life ahead of Him. However, He looked at those around Him, close to Him, loved by Him… saw that they were mourning, and John 11:35 tells us that Jesus wept!! He did not tell them, “Hey, cheer up!! I am going to raise Lazarus from the dead!!” He did not tell them to be happy, or look at the blessings in their life. He entered into their pain though He knew of the victory to come! He was present and real with His loved ones. Do we weep with our friends? Do we love and embrace them in their hurt, or are we trying to rush them on to happiness so we can be comfortable and not affected?!?! In a world so apart from Christ, we need brothers and sisters who truly are striving to live and love like Christ!! We need people to be presently hurting with us, and presently rejoicing with us, depending on wherever we may be due to life circumstances!
Lord, help me to be more Christ-like. Help me to hurt with my friends who hurt, mourn with my friends who mourn, be present for my friends struggling with depression, darkness, and loneliness. Help me to rejoice with my friend(s) who rejoice. Help me to be honest with my own feelings and emotions, to mourn as need, and celebrate and be happy when I am able. Make me more like You and so much less like this world!! Help me to love well for Your glory!!

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