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When It’s Bad… God Is Still Good!!

By August 26, 2017August 11th, 2021No Comments

Many people have heard me say that I have never had a bad day in my life. This is true. What many don’t understand, is that this does not mean that I have not had hard days, sad days, and even very problematic days. These days I have had. But the reality is that to give the circumstances of the day the power to destroy your full day is an option I have never been willing to choose, nor will I ever!!

Today, right now, I am sitting stranded on the side of the road in the middle of Guatemala City. I’ve been going through a season of incredible hardships, challenges, and frustrations in my life this year. If Satan is alive and active, and yes I believe he is, then right now he must be really threatened by me and by the ministry of Abogar, because he sure is attacking us an awful lot.

In a year of false accusations, people abandoning me, relational problems, work problems, financial problems, and just the reality of life issues and problems, including all that is happened in the last 24 hours, many would say that today is a bad day. I, however, greatly disagree. Because God has not left His throne, nor has He left nor abandoned me. God is still good!

Right now, as my car stopped working, a van pulled off the road right in front of me; also not working right. But as the vehicle pulled off the road, the driver only pulled halfway off the road.  God clearly told me that He was calling me to save that man’s life from an impending accident. So, at God’s direction, I jumped out of Big Red (Abogar’s Honda CRV) and ran up to the man. After directing him to put the van in neutral, I then successfully pushed his van up over the curb and out of harm’s way. I don’t share this to be applauded, but rather for perspective.

God is good! Though I am still stranded on the side of a road, I just got to be obedient and bless someone else. That man’s life is in God’s hands… and today He invited me to be part of the blessing. Though there are many bad things happening… personally in my life, around me, and throughout the world… God is still good! 

What problems are you facing? Do you know that God is still good? His arms are open to us. Let’s rest in Him!!

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