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Be Special to Special Kids…

By October 19, 2017August 11th, 2021No Comments

My writing has waned a lot, and I find very little time to sit, reflect, or write. However, today I want to write to encourage our supporters and friends to be special to Special Kids! I have just finished sitting in a meeting with the Founders and leaders of Special Kids School, and my heart is full of pride and joy at the amazing work and service to God that is carried out in the Special Kids School.

Over the past two years I have been able to visit Special Kids School regularly, and develop relationships, not only with the Founders and leaders, but also directly with the precious children. The first time I arrived the children ran to me to embrace me. Since returning many more times with our team of Abogar Guatemala volunteers and workers, we usually are greeted with the same response… shouts of joys, our names being shouted out, and kids attacking with hugs and love. This has been very impacting to me, especially because of the situations most of these children come from!

Special Kids School is a very unique and amazing educational center and ministry. The children range from just 2-4 years of age, but they are at one of the most impressionable stages of life. The love that they are encountering and receiving, as well as the quality education, can be very impacting and significant in their growth and maturity, and offer them a potential to choose a different path of life than their parents/families!

Special Kids School is located in a small town, a village, in Guatemala… and many (most) of the parents and families are somehow involved with gangs and societal problems. Many of the children are coming from families that are part of two opposing gangs. These children are exposed to (and even suffer) violence and abuse of great intensity. Yet, while parents from opposing gangs battle and threaten each other, the children play together, learn together, and are shown the love of God in this school.

This morning, as I sat with Ginnie (Founder/81 years old) and Sonia (Founder/late 70’s), as well as with another Sonia, we discussed the future of Special Kids school. It is a refuge to the children from homes of violence and abuse, and there is a great need for this ministry to continue. However, Ginnie has been the chief fundraiser but this past year has suffered a stroke and needs to, after 35 years serving the children and people of Guatemala, retire and rest. The school is in a precarious situation, and needs help of people like you and me!

This past month Abogar International Ministries, after evaluating the situation thoroughly, has made a commitment for the year of 2018; to raise $1,000 monthly to support the work and ministry of Special Kids School. The $1,000 that Abogar will give to Special Kids School each month will help cover the salaries of three of the teachers/workers for the school, ensuring the children continue receiving the great quality, God-centered education. It is a great way for us to be promoting and investing in the education of the children.

One of my responsibilities in my position is to see the funds come in. While I am not the best fundraiser, nor do I always give the best ‘ask’, I would like to invite you to prayerfully consider if you might be called/willing/able/and faithful to make a commitment to give a monthly donation for 2018, specifically to the Special Kids campaign! $5 a month, $10, $20, $50, $100 a month, or whatever you sense God putting on your heart, will help us to continue supporting the education of precious and special children! We want to be special to the special kids, and we invite you to also join us! Please consider donating here! Be special to Special Kids!

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