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A Crazy Story…

By November 1, 2017August 11th, 2021No Comments

Tell him a crazy story! Tell him your testimony!    —God

Yesterday was a sort of culmination to 6 weeks of horrible drama and stress and mistreatment. For those who don’t know, I was in a vehicle accident on September 23rd, that did some damage to Abogar’s vehicle (aka Big Red)! I immediately sought out a mechanic who has been the epitome of manipulation, deception, lies, and fraud! For nearly 6 weeks I have been fighting to get him to actually do work on Big Red, as I and Abogar have paid him ~$1,300 to buy parts and get to work!

Yesterday morning I arrived at the mechanic’s house, where Big Red was parked and just propped up on some wood, on the side of the road. Nothing had been worked on or done to fix or improve the damage from the accident. This propelled me, along with two sisters from the church, to urgently seek out a lawyer, some police, and government officials to help us! We received so much favor from the Lord, yesterday, as everyone who heard of my situation were opposed to the mechanic and in favor of fighting for justice for me, Abogar, and for Big Red. It was great!

When the tow truck finally arrived last night, a young guy jumped down from the drivers seat and told me that his name is Moises. He was all smiles with a great personality! After saying goodbye to the sisters from my church who were helping me, and to the police, Moises and I set out in the tow truck, pulling along Big Red right behind us! The mechanic’s home is just a few miles from where I live, so it should have been no more than 15 minutes to arrive to my condominium, but wouldn’t you know it… there was a huge line of traffic!

We spent more than an hour and a half stuck in traffic. But almost immediately God spoke to me, and spoke very clearly to me… “Tell him a crazy story! Tell him your testimony!” I thought that is was just my own voice in my head, but when I asked God, He again repeated His order to me. I looked at Moises and asked him if he wanted to hear a crazy story. With a big smile, he said yes.

Over the next hour and a half I had a chance to testify to God’s love, light, power, and truth that He has worked in my life. I shared the gospel message with Moises, and about God’s desire for a love relationship with His children. I felt really blessed to have the opportunity to share about God’s crazy love, as well as the crazy events of my testimony and life, and Moises seemed to listen intently. We, then, arrived at my place, set Big Red up on a jack, I blessed and thanked Moises, and he left.

As I was starting to sit down on the edge of my bed, I distinctly heard God ask me, “Jesse, was it worth the six weeks of stress and hardship, if the only reason I allowed it was for you to meet Moises, and to share of My love?” The question knocked the air out of my chest and lungs. I had been feeling like quite the victim, and in some ways rightly so. But God was convicting me to remember the truth that He truly does use ALL things, good, bad, or indifferent, for His glory! It was worth whatever challenges I had to face, even and especially if the only reason was for Moises to hear a crazy story!

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