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From The Father…

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3 Sentence Bookmark & Trifold PictureFor the first thirteen years of his life, Abogar’s Founder and President, Jesse Rivers, experienced unimaginable neglect and abandonment, as well as verbal, physical, emotional, and sexual abuse. At age seven, after a particularly damaging beating, young Jesse prayed a three-part prayer: 1) that he would get into a vehicle accident, 2) that he would die, and 3) that he would hover above his casket to see if anyone cared about him enough to show up to his funeral.

God did indeed answer most of Jesse’s prayer about ten years later, when Jesse was declared dead three times due to a car accident. In the hospital, after Jesse awoke from a coma, God spoke these three sentences to him:


 “Look around you and see that you are loved!”

“Know that I love you!”

“See this as an answer to prayer.”


In that instant, Jesse’s life changed as he encountered the truly life-giving love of the Creator, of a God who sees him, of God the Father. Many children in Latin America have experienced similar situations of neglect, abandonment, and abuse. They may be praying their own seven-year-old prayers. Our goal is to provide forever families, forever homes and educational opportunities to those children. But above all else, we want the children to personally know these three sentences and to know that they are loved by others, that God loves them, and that God hears their prayers.

Please prayerfully consider investing in the work of Abogar to impact the lives of a multitude of children in Latin America. We are looking to increase our base of monthly donors, but also are blessed by one time year-end tax deductible gifts, as well! Click here to make a donation.

And we hope and pray that you and your family may also know these precious truths!

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