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Re-Positioning And Strengthening…

By January 31, 2018August 11th, 2021No Comments

In early January, Abogar International Ministries held an annual retreat for our Board of Directors to plan, budget, and prayerfully consider how best to serve God throughout this year. In this retreat it was recognized and decided that Abogar is in a re-positioning time for the ministry. Nothing has changed in our mission, vision, or focus as a ministry, but, for several reasons, it has been determined that it will be in the best interest of Abogar to move our Founder and CEO, Jesse Rivers, from Guatemala back to his home city of San Diego, California in mid-April.

First, we are very excited about our continuing work in Guatemala. Actually, we see this move as way to reinforce the 3 years of service and investment that we have made, with Jesse being present, on the ground, in Guatemala. Abogar is currently legally formalizing as Asociacion Abogar Guatemala (AboGua) with a lawyer and the government of Guatemala. We have a full board of directors (7 persons) and 2 collaborators, as required by Guatemalan law and governance. We see this move back to San Diego as an opportunity to see the Guatemalan team take the initiative to lead and guide our work forward in Guatemala. Jesse will continue to attend AboGua’s monthly board meetings via Skype, and he will also make some trips back here to Guatemala for continued leadership development and to keep things moving forward for the glory of God! He shall also maintain communication with our leadership and team in Guatemala, via phone and social media.

Secondly, we are very excited to focus on the continued growth of Abogar International Ministries. As we are based out of San Diego, we would like to get an office set up in San Diego and try formalizing a local team in San Diego! We also are looking forward to exploring some options of potentially starting a Vidas Nuevas (New Lives) ministry across the border in Mexico!

Thirdly/finally, Abogar would like for Jesse to intentionally take some personal time for restoration, healing, and relaxation while being back in San Diego. We are looking forward to helping Jesse have a more balanced and healthy lifestyle… work, social, spiritual, rest/relaxation, physical health, and personal growth and development!

For any of Abogar’s San Diego connections… This re-positioning will require for Jesse to find a place to live (on a very low salary of a missionary), a vehicle to purchase to be able to do the work he needs to in San Diego and Mexico, and potentially a second source of income! Please advise Jesse of any opportunities that you may know of for housing, work, and/or vehicle in San Diego! Thank you very much!

We are very excited for the re-positioning and strengthening of the overall ministry of Abogar International Ministries. We appreciate your joining in our excitement, and for your continued support and encouragement! Thank you for your prayers, encouragement, and investment in the wonderful work that God is calling us to! Blessings and peace to you all.

While we do not generally post prayer requests here publicly, if you are a praying person and would like to support us with your prayers, please see our list of prayer requests below. You may also contact us at, if you would like to be added to our prayer updates’ list!

Prayer Requests for Re-Positioning and Strengthening…

*** Pray for Abogar and Jesse, for provision and guidance for our re-positioning to San Diego in mid-April!
*** Pray for continued success and expedience in the process of legally formalizing Asociacion Abogar Guatemala (AboGua).
*** Pray for our AboGua team on the ground in Guatemala, to receive favor, encouragement, and blessing from God to continue moving AboGua forward!
*** Pray for Jesse to remain focused and diligent with the many things he will need to get done in preparation for this re-positioning!
*** Pray for Jesse and AboGua as we get ready to start up our two active ministries in Guatemala; Vidas Nuevas and our Special Kids support and visits!
*** Pray for Jesse and AboGua as they prepare for a board of directors’ retreat in Guatemala towards the end of February! (Feb. 23-25)
*** Pray for the precious children!! Pray that many will grow in their knowledge and love of the Lord this year, and that we may be able to truly help many to know better home situations with a forever family and educational opportunities!

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