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True Hollywood Horrors to True Hollywood Heroes!

By February 22, 2018August 11th, 2021No Comments

My life is filled with some very dark and hard stories. You see, I am not one to publicize all the hurt, hardship, and darkness that I encounter in this fight for children… but today, finally, I am breaking down and want to share with you some true “Hollywood Horrors”. I call these stories I am about to share, “Hollywood Horrors”, because they are so dramatic, traumatic, and horrific that Hollywood would surely seek to make millions of dollars from the stories of these precious children. However, it is my hope and prayer that they don’t and won’t! But, in this sick and dark world, many would pay big bucks to go see those movies! But would many pay big bucks to help us fix these stories?

My brain, heart, and soul hurt so much just thinking about the realities that exist in this dark and broken world. So many children live in fear and darkness. A dear young girl watches in horror as her father beats her mother repeatedly in the stomach to kill the unborn baby inside. He succeeds, but later on decides that it is time to also kill the mother as well. The precious girl now must live in hiding, to be protected from the one who should be a loving father to her. Another dear precious child is inside her mother’s womb as the biological father tries to kill her before she is born! Praise God, that child survived the horrific beatings and was born! Though her body has suffered tremendous damage and challenges, I have recently hugged her, chatted with her, and seen the beauty of love in her eyes and a precious smile on her face.

A young boy fears returning home each day, as his father only touches him in one way… with pulverizing punches and horrible words. This child can not produce a smile, but rather has become reticent and withdrawn. A three year old child wakes up and walks out the front door to see the father hanging in front of the door, after having committed suicide. A child is in hiding, after the parents have been killed for someone else’s selfishness and gluttony of sinful living. Those who have killed the parents profited greatly from their death, and don’t want to be exposed… so they have also threatened to kill the child and others of his family. Another mother, after being violated and abused by a boyfriend, has become addicted to drugs which she uses to escape the pain and memories. Now her addiction causes her to violently beat and abuse her children, and others have to intervene to save their lives!

I, throughout my first 13 years of life, was raped, sexually abused, physically beaten until I was holding on to life (or rather God was holding on to me), emotionally, verbally, and mentally abused! Many may not be able to relate to the horrific violence and previews of horrific stories written above, but I can. I can see the faces of many of my abusers, and remember vividly paralyzing fear and desperation to find refuge from the pain, violence, and violations being done to me.

Dear friends, I am not trying to dramatize these stories, and these are just a few of a multitude that I have experienced and learn of regularly, not only in Guatemala but around Latin America and throughout the world. They each are actually toned down, and not very descriptive. What I want to do is remind each of you what Abogar International Ministries is truly about… helping these precious children to have a refuge… in safe, Christ-centered forever families, forever homes, with educational opportunities.

To achieve our goals in ministry, it takes supporters… champions who decide that they would much rather be a part of the story of rescue, redemption, healing, and opportunities. I challenge you, and myself, to invest ourselves in what I call, true Hollywood Heroes. We need to provide refuge, home, health, and hope to these children. The stories are not pretty, nor will our work to help in each one. We want and need to offer them the chance to become true Hollywood Heroes, by overcoming the horrific obstacles and disadvantages that they have been given. But we can’t do it just with words. We must fight for them… seeking justice, and hope of a brighter, better future with Jesus Christ at the center!

It takes money to see these kids truly offered a better way of life, freedom from abuse, and the opportunity to have a bright, Christ-filled future! Join us in creating some Hollywood Heroes stories, by investing in the work we are doing already, but also by investing to help us expand our outreach and ministry to a multitude of children! PLEASE join us today and invest in helping us to change these true Hollywood Horrors to true Hollywood Heroes! Invest today at and let’s take back some of the ground satan has claimed in stealing, killing, and destroy. May we fight for life, and life abundantly for these precious children!!

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