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Christ Has Come! Merry Christmas 2018!

By December 24, 2018August 11th, 2021No Comments

Tomorrow is my favorite day of the year. Most may assume that this is somehow connected with the habitual practice of receiving gifts on Christmas, but actually that has not been a big part of the celebration of Christmas for me. The reason that tomorrow, Christmas, is my favorite day of the year is because it symbolizes and reminds us of some of the true nature and heart of God Almighty… that He would come to rescue His beloved children. Christ has come!

Whether or not Jesus Christ was born specifically on December 25th, He was born. He, the God-child, entered into human form as a baby. In a humbled state of babe born in a manger, He set aside His throne, glory, and divine destination to enter into the human experience and story. Christ has come!

The greatest gift of Christmas is this, that God, the Powerful Creator, loving His creation so much as to not scorn an immaculate conception and a humble sojourn to be present with them, would enter into the challenges, pain, trials, and triumphs of flesh bearing beings to be with us (Immanuel)! Christ has come!

Though many may feel more inclined to focus on a cross, albeit the empty tomb really is where our power and hope reside, let us not miss the gift and message of Christmas! Christ has come to not only save us, but to also call us to leave our comfort and ‘kingdoms’, to enter in and be present with those in need. Christmas calls us to action! It is a time of great peace and joy, yes, but it is also a call to be like Christ, leaving our comfort and established place of security to go to those in need… just as we were in great need, and Christ has come!

May our eyes and hearts be opened and illuminated this Christmas, as we remember that Christ has come. May we not take for granted the sacrifice, surrender, humility, and vulnerability that Christ endured, to be present with us and a present for us! If we are truly Christ followers, may we too this Christmas give our presence to those in need, and love on the unlovely, the least of these, the imprisoned, the hospitalized, the poor, the hungry, the oppressed, the fatherless, the hurting, the orphaned, the widowed, and the fallen. Christmas is a time for great joy as Christ has come, but it is also a time of great calling for those who will follow. May we love and appreciate the gift of Christ coming this year, and be His hands, feet, and heart to those who have not yet met or encountered the babe in a manger who would and has changed all of eternity with His power, presence, and love! Merry Christmas 2018! Christ has come!!

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