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Reunification, Lucas, and Dee.

By October 3, 2019August 11th, 2021No Comments

Yesterday, October 2nd, was an interesting day for me. I had received an invitation from a friend of mine, whom we will call Dee, who is a lawyer here in Guatemala, who fights on behalf of children. She shared with me about a precious 5 month old baby boy, whom we will call Lucas. Lucas has had an unfortunate start in life. While his mother was pregnant with him, his parents decided that they would abort him. They paid a doctor a substantial amount of money, but the doctor’s conscience and convictions led him to not follow through with an abortion, but rather he performed a c-section surgery, saving precious Lucas and turning him over to the government. The parents were then reported by the doctor for trying to take his life at 7 months gestation. After substantial medical treatment, Lucas was then placed into a children’s home, where Dee took up his case.

Over the last few months, Dee has been working with the government and Lucas’ family, to give the proper counseling, training, and improvement to Lucas’ parents. The mother and aunt are now really excited to have Lucas as a family member, though his father still seems a bit hands off. Dee will continue working with them to ensure Lucas’ success and growth. Dee is a Guatemalan, with her own hurts and challenges from her childhood and past, but she is to me a great example for others, especially other Guatemalans! Though she has several things that she could have allowed to hold her back, she has overcome them and made it a life goal, mission, and practice to fight for precious children, helping them to be reunited and reintegrated when appropriate, or adopted or removed when there was not a safe home situation.

On our 3+ hour trip yesterday, I got to spend time loving on, holding, and praying for precious Lucas. He took to me well, and I was so pleased to receive his smiles and hugs. Then being able to see the process of reunification with his mother and aunt, as their eyes lit up and smiles overtook their faces as they got to meet him, really touched my heart tremendously. The long drive back gave me a time to get to know Dee better as well, and I feel thoroughly blessed with all the events of yesterday.

I would like to praise God for the doctor who saved Lucas, for Dee and others who have fought to get Lucas reunited with his mother and aunt, and for Lucas, the precious 5 month old baby boy who stole my heart yesterday! I would like to ask you to join me in praying for Lucas; for him to experience great love and family, to know God and His love, and for God to use his life and testimony for His glory! I praise God for reunification, for Dee and others like her who will fight for precious children, and for dear adorable little Lucas and the potential his life and story have for God’s glory! Thank You, Jesus! Amen!

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