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$20… He Gave It All!

By May 27, 2021August 11th, 2021No Comments

On my most recent work trip in the US, I, Jesse Rivers, had the great blessing and privilege to meet with many collaborators, prayer supporters, and financial supporters. From fishing together, eating together, celebrating my wife’s and my soon-coming first son, Jedidiah, giving updates and presentations, doing house repairs, preaching, and blessing other ministries, it’s suffice to say that it was a very busy trip! It was a time full of great blessings and stories, but one story really sticks out to me, that I’d like to share with you!

I shared a weekend of my time with a dear family that partners with the work and ministry of Abogar. We also share a great love for each other, and enjoy spending time together. This family of seven is a great encouragement to me personally as well, and I am grateful for what time we can share together. Our Saturday was busy with different activities, but we had set aside a time in the evening for me to share with them an update about how Abogar is doing and where we are headed.

As we returned to the family’s home, after our Saturday adventures, we ate a meal together and then I shared a bit about our desire to build a four-story ministry location on the property that Abogar has recently purchased in Guatemala. After the presentation, one of the sons, an 11 year old boy whom we will call Hu, came to me and asked if the building was really going to help the children in Guatemala. I looked down at Hu with a big smile on my face and told him that yes it will. He immediately pulled out a folded $20 bill and handed it to me, saying, “Use this then.” My heart melted a bit and I was really touched that Hu, being so young, would care enough to give to this cause! I hugged and thanked him!

A little bit later that evening, I was sitting in a hot tub relaxing with Hu’s older brother, Kay. Kay told me about the events of that day. He and Hu had worked together that day to mow eight different lawns, long and hard work in hot weather. A couple of times Hu had wanted to quit, but with Kay’s encouragement and support, Hu kept at it for the whole afternoon, and received his pay… $20! Just a couple of hours later, after my presentation, Hu gave it all away! His whole day’s work was folded up in a $20 bill, and without a hesitation, knowing that it will be helping children in Guatemala, he gave it all to our ministry!

I am honestly greatly challenged and encouraged by Hu’s generosity! The work he did that day was hard, and in hot weather. He had really wanted that $20 bill. However, without flinching, given an opportunity to invest in other children he doesn’t even know and will probably never meet, he was willing to give it all to help! It is my hope that Hu will grow up to continue being a generous and selfless man, and that we too can be challenged and inspired by his example! Than you, Hu!

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