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Love them… just love them!!

By July 14, 2012March 3rd, 2024No Comments

While I am just in the beginnings of getting Abogar International Ministries official and legally recognized and accepted as a 501 c 3 tax-exempt non-profit organization, I have been trying to discern what I can do and how I can be most effective in impacting the lives of these orphaned children throughout Latin America. I am not the most gifted in knowing all the technical, logistical, or administrative aspects; though I carry the heart and vision that God is giving me for these children. So how can I have a tangible impact now, while figuring out the logistical and legal stuff… how can Abogar International Ministries have a tangible impact on the lives of these kids? God gave me a very clear answer today… Love them… just love them!

Today I participated in a group day-trip down to Tijuana, Mexico to volunteer at an orphanage that I have been visiting monthly! While being there I had the chance to just love on and invest in the lives of several beautiful children; by being present and giving of my time, talents, heart, and space. As I was there God was touching my heart and reminding me of how, through my very hard childhood of abuse and neglect, the thing I longed for most was to be touched, held, loved, and valued. One of the greatest ways I, as a child, felt most valued was when people wanted to spend time with me and be around me. It very seldom ever happened to me in my childhood, but God today reminded me how significant it is just to love on these children and be present with them!

Natalia, Angel, Sergio, Patti, Briana, and so many others of these kids are so beautiful and have such potential to be contributing participants in society as they grow up! But how can they if no one loves them or helps them? They are NOT just names or statistics, and I can guarantee you that none of them asked to be in their situation while they were in the womb! They are precious children with incredible potential, but just need to be loved!

How can we love them? Good question! I am loving them by volunteering and participating in their lives. I am loving them by telling YOU about them. We can love them by contributing prayer and financial support. We can love them by asking God how best we can be intentionally involved to see the plight of orphaned children, street children, and youth at risk in Latin America be mitigated and improved for the glory of God! 🙂

I asked God what I can do. His reply… Love them… just love them!!

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