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What If Only One Child…?

By January 28, 2013March 3rd, 2024No Comments

The vision and mission of Abogar International Ministries are directed for this Christian nonprofit organization to have a large impact upon the lives of a multitude of children and youth in need throughout Latin America. We have high standards, high values, and high goals before us. We believe that we will be able to be God’s hands, heart, and love to many needy and beautiful children throughout Latin America.

As we look to the future, our vision and desire is to be involved with providing Christ-centered love, homes, education, advocacy, networking, and opportunities for these children. We know that God’s heart is for these children; as the Word of God is full of scripture references to God’s heart for these kids as well as the widowed, poor, and oppressed! Just a quick search of the word ‘orphan’ or ‘fatherless’ throughout the bible gives more than 25 different references. If God’s heart is for these precious children, how can ours not be?

In a recent email conversation with a dear brother, he gave me (Jesse) a great reminder. If I am to work my whole life long through Abogar for God’s will for these children, and yet only one child is impacted, will it be worth it? What if only one child comes to know Jesus, comes to know home, comes to know genuine human love, comes to experience a good education and an opportunity-filled future? Is it worth it?!

My resounding response is this… YES, even if only one!! It is a life changed, an eternity changed, a hope given, a home known, love experienced, and a future granted! If at the end of my days, I look back and can see that we have been successful with Abogar to impact even just the life of one child… it is worth a life long lifestyle of dedication, love, and work for the glory of God! I myself am just one who was touched by someone who shared the love of God, and yet the fruits of the person who shared into my life have now impacted thousand of youth and adults all over the earth as I have served Jesus and shared His love and light in more than 15 countries! The impact on one can become like a spark that ignites a huge flame that keeps spreading and continuing on and on! If we only impact and change a life of one, we never really know how many other lives that one life will impact.

Some people are about big numbers, and my brother has greatly reminded me to not get caught up in numbers and statistics. It does not matter how many countries, how many times, how many ways, nor how long it takes… I give my life in service to God to help these children so that even if only one child has a life that is changed – IT IS WORTH IT!! Abogar is changing lives, and even if it were only just one, it is worth it!

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