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Perspective from one of Abogar’s Directors…

By February 26, 2013March 3rd, 2024No Comments

***The following blog entry has been written by Abogar’s Secretary and Director, Karen Wilson. (see our Board of Directors page for more info about Karen)

Every once in a while, as I’m holding my 18 month old baby girl snug against me and rocking her to sleep for a nap or bedtime, I wonder about other children who may not get to experience the sweet love of a mother. I used the word ‘wonder’ in the previous sentence, because I haven’t actually seen (or recognized) first-hand the rejection or neglect of a very small child by its mother or father.
Many of you reading this may understand my perspective and have grown up and been surrounded by people who love their children, or try to love in some successful capacity. However, you’ve heard the rumors and stories of horrific treatment of children, local or abroad. Others of you, unfortunately, know exactly what it is that I have a hard time imagining, and might even feel a twinge of pain from the reminder. This I apologize for since it is, of course, not the intention for this blog.
Now, I had not had a lot of experience with babies or small children in my life before my daughter was born. But if you have, then you hopefully know that spending time with a happy and content baby is a very precious and delightful experience. Actually, I think my daughter is just plain fun to be around. My husband and I get the biggest kick out of her impressive ability to mimic animal noises. She is the most adorable little dancer. She can even recognize when I’m feeling sad or hurt and makes it all better when she comes to mother me with her hugs and kisses. 
We all know babies are cute, but does anyone know a baby who is not? Really, has anyone EVER come across that? It must be a phenomenon if it exists. Oh, sure babies can also be difficult when they aren’t happy and content, but they have been described as angels and sprites and compared to other meek and gentle (though sometimes mischievous) real and mythical creatures.
How dreadful and shameful that sweet lambs are being sold into every kind of slavery, or becoming drug addicts at an absurdly young age…I won’t even try to add more to the list, but we know how long that list gets. And this is, regretfully, the experience of many Latin American children, as well as children of other races, ethnicity, and location. The Evil One most likely finds great pleasure in this and the hope to watch them grow into weak and suffering miserable adults.
When I was pregnant with my daughter, a co-worker was talking to me about what it’s like to become a mother. She has a young daughter of her own. Other people gave me their advice and comments as well, but this co-worker said one thing that I hope to always remember and keep in mind when I interact with others. She said that when you have a child, when you become a mother, you see other people differently.
She didn’t go into detail, but I understood what she meant and hope that I am often reminded of it. For those of you who may not have picked up on it so quickly, I believe she meant that when you have a child you recognize that other people were also once helpless and delightful little things deserving of unconditional love. Imagine if we retained at least some of that natural and effortless cuteness that we once had as a baby that everyone sees as joyful and precious. Would it make it easier to love each other and to be patient when others are being difficult? Perhaps it would…but not many of us remain angels and lambs into adulthood, do we?
You might be reading this blog in an email. Or you may be browsing the Abogar IM website searching for a worthy place where you might donate your resources in support of others in need. If you’ve made it this far through this blog, I hope that wherever you end up in service to others you’re compassion would come from the reminder that every child, youth, young adult, middle aged or elderly has once been a precious angelic creature in need of and (dare I say) deserving of your love and care. Lord, we ask for your continued grace and mercy to be able to accomplish your will and to see others be broken free from the bonds of Satan as we have been and are being set free as well.

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