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Ultimately, here’s the result I see again and again: love for orphans transforms. It transforms children as they experience love and nurture they’ve come to live without. It transforms individual Christians, as we encounter Jesus deeply and personally in a destitute child. It transforms the broader community of believers as well, pulling us corporately beyond a religion of self-development to a costly-but-muscular faith. Finally, love for orphans transforms a watching world, as it sees—perhaps for the first time—the Gospel embodied.

Jedd Medefind, President, Christian Alliance for Orphans

Many who know me (Jesse) know that I am a very passionate, intense, dramatic, and romantic man. These qualities can at times be perceived as negative or be a bit over-the-top, and when not kept in balance can cause complications. However, having read the entire bible several times, I cannot walk away from it NOT KNOWING that God truly is a romantic, dramatic, intense, and passionate God… not ruled or controlled by these characteristics, but definitely possessing them, for sure. As I desire to be more like God, day by day, I am blessed to possess these qualities that are so intrinsically His. And I believe that these characteristics have really helped me and led me to really believe that I can change the world.

As a passionate, romantic, dramatic, and intense man, I am certain that God has made each of us for a purpose so much greater than that which most of us will choose to accept. I believe that God has made each of us to change this world… for the better. Do you believe your life really matters, not only to God but even here while you walk this earth?

Some define changing the world as leaving a big self-imprint upon it. We have athletes, actors and actresses, singers, artists, dare-devils, dignitaries, and the rich and famous who are often celebrated and thought of as having had a large impact. Their names are known and they seem/feel important. They possess self-imprints upon the world. While they are very visible and may even make great charitable contributions, I believe this perspective is definitely of the world. God does not desire that I leave a big Jesse-imprint on the world, nor that you leave a big you-imprint, but rather that we will leave a big Jesus-imprint on this world. I do not need to have clothing lines, fragrances, streets, jerseys, book covers, or any other earthly thing bear my name upon them to celebrate me or state that I have changed the world. Rather, since I was a very little boy, I have believed that changing the world comes one smile at a time, one cup of water, one bible given out, one hug shared, one word of encouragement, and one vision much bigger than myself that will impact the lives of a multitude NOT to know me but to know Jesus and to know home and family, stability and security, education, and a hope-filled future. This is how I believe we can and do change the world.

Change the world… DO IT!! I honestly believe that, though I am far from perfect and have made many errors, sins, and faults in my lifetime, I will leave this planet a better place than how I was introduced to it, Many could (and will choose to) focus on the negatives, faults, and failures, but if one child, just one child, gets to know Jesus Christ because of my life and contribution, gets to know home, gets to know family, stability, security, education, etc. and is changed for God’s glory then I believe I have changed this world for the better. The imprint, impact, and name I want to leave upon this earth is NOT Jesse, but rather JESUS!! If my life points one (yes, even just one!), some, or many to Jesus then I believe I have left a Jesus-imprint upon this world that changes it, exposes it to His light, love, and truth, and offers hope for others.

And I think that sometimes believing is more than half the battle. Most people do not believe that their life can really impact the world. Do you believe you can change the world? Do you want a suggestion on how best to do it? Chase God’s heart!! While my passion and intensity greatly help me, my romantic and dramatic side enhance vibrancy of life for me, these are not necessarily required to change the world. What IS required to really change the world is being aligned with the heart of God. For me this means to advocate for and look after children who are orphaned and living in the street. For you it may mean working to fight addictions, helping rescue the sex-trafficked children, fighting cancer and other horrific diseases and sickness, raising your children to be God-fearing followers, supporting a godly and worthy cause or ministry (Abogar is one such good ministry!), being a tent-making Christian who impacts the work arena, being a present and good faithful father or mother, or one of the multitude of other ways that God has created YOU to impact and change this world for His glory!! It is not so important who knows your name or what you do for the glory of God, but it is important that we each live up to our potential… our potential of changing this world and leaving it more like Jesus!! Lets leave Jesus-imprints and really CHANGE THE WORLD!! DO IT!!!

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