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The Road Ahead…

By July 30, 2013March 3rd, 2024No Comments

After a rather long but very productive board meeting for Abogar last night, I found myself reflecting on this journey called life. Remembering myself as a very hurt and unloved boy, who so desperately longed to be encouraged, loved, and wanted by others… last night’s time with the directors reminded me once again of the amazing blessings and provisions God has so faithfully provided for me throughout my lifetime. He has brought me to a place I could never have imagined reaching alone.

I think about the road ahead for Abogar, and I know we face significant challenges as an organization… foundational, financial, structural, ministerial, etc. etc. However, I find myself very encouraged. As a little boy I could never have known that the road ahead would bring me to the place of being so blessed; having the opportunity and calling to fight for and advocate for children who so desperately need love, need to be valued, and need opportunity. I had no foreknowledge that God would deem fit for me to be a missionary, an advocate, an evangelist, a crazy-for-Christ all in servant of the Lord Most High. Yet that is exactly where the road ahead has brought me. I know that there is so much more for Abogar as well on this road ahead. God will bring His will and provision for the children of Latin America, as we continue to faithfully seek and serve Him!

As I think about the road ahead, I like to think about the children we are reaching out to, sharing the gospel with, loving on, and connecting and networking with. What are their roads ahead? Is there a little ‘Jesse’ somewhere in the midst of these kids that will be so impacted with the love of Jesus, and with the love shared by our ministry and others, that he or she will dedicate their life to service of the Most High God? I believe there is… In fact, I believe there are many! This really makes me excited for the road ahead!! It was the love of God, shared by others, that transformed my heart and life for His glory. As we love on and empower these children to live lives of hope, I know God will touch, transform, and teach many of them to be all for Him.

Are you a part of that road ahead for these children? Would you like to be involved even more with Abogar? Please take a moment and check out our needs and ways you can be involved at, and let God use you to impact the road ahead for children who need someone to step up and be involved!

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