The Act and Lifestyle of LOVE

Ultimately, here’s the result I see again and again: love for orphans transforms. It transforms children as they experience love and nurture they’ve come to live without. It transforms individual Christians, as we encounter Jesus deeply and personally in a destitute child. It transforms the broader community of believers as well, pulling us corporately beyond a religion of self-development to a costly-but-muscular faith. Finally, love for orphans transforms a watching world, as it sees—perhaps for the first time—the Gospel embodied.

Jedd Medefind, President, Christian Alliance for Orphans

May we grow to love and live the lifestyle which Jesus Christ Himself has demonstrated for us to live… loving the children, and calling them forward. Not being so caught up in our professionalism and self-preoccupying ambitions, but rather recognizing that love is the most important thing, the most transforming thing, and most needed thing in the lives of a multitude of children who have no one to hold them, hear them, help them, nor love them. Let’s rise up and make the difference in their lives, not in mere words, but in actions of generosity, gentleness, and genuine love!

Published by Abogar

As Founder and Executive Director of Abogar International Ministries, a nonprofit organization, I am excited to share with whomever is interested about the great and mighty work that God is doing through Abogar all throughout Latin America to impact, improve life, and advocate for orphaned children, street children, and youth at risk! Having come from a very hard childhood and being passed through foster care myself, God has caused me to have a tremendously loving and empathetic heart for so many children who find themselves in very horrible situations! For some reason God is drawing my heart and the focus to Latin America specifically.

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