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Matter of the Heart…

By October 11, 2013March 3rd, 20242 Comments

Religion that God our father accepts as pure and faultless is this, to look after orphans and widows in their distress, and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.             —James 1:27

I find myself saddened sometimes by the magnitude of the problems that face this world; as well as by the magnitude of lack of concern and participation in overcoming these problems. In our culture we seem very distracted by entertainment, possessions, and worldly and vain pursuits. The millions of children around the world, living in the streets, orphaned, and at risk of being lured into gangs, drugs, addictions, sex industry, or even forced slavery are generally far from our minds and hearts. 

Hearts? Yes, I stated not only far away from minds, but also from our hearts. Our hearts are the place of attachment and affection. “Home is where the heart is.” Yet, in today’s world, where so many have no home, I think a lot of humanity has lost their heart.

At a dinner with a friend last night, we had a conversation about some of the challenges facing the church in the United States today. I surmised that I believe that most of these problems stem from the fact that many of us have lost our heart. Few people really value being passionate and committed to values and principles like those from Scripture. They are now often viewed as archaic and out dated. However, many people desire to align themselves as ‘Christian’, but few seem to have the heart of Jesus Christ.

Being Christ-like, Christian, a follower of Christ is not a matter of simply adopting a name. Its not like being a fan of a sport team, an actor or actress, or some famous person. To truly become Christ-like, Christian, a follower of Jesus Christ is to align our hearts with His. James 1:27 tells us that God’s concern, His heart, is for the child who is orphaned as well as the widowed. If these are the issues and concerns at the heart of God, how can they not be of our heart as well. If we believe Jesus to be God, and we know that God’s heart is for these children, how can we remain uninvolved in the lives of these children? It is a matter of the heart!

Lord Jesus, please touch my heart and life to be more like Yours! Help me to see these children the way You do, love them with Your love, and be involved in seeing them receive home, education, food, spiritual nourishment, and an opportunity filled future. God, please give me Your heart for these kids, and help me to be consistent encouraging and uplifting in a world that can be so discouraging! Thank You for the hope that You offer! Change lives of children by using my heart and life for Your glory! Amen!


  • Liz says:

    Excellent post! Love that scripture! It is often hard to think of the enormous amount of needy children I have also found. However, it is people like you that make a difference. Keep up the good work.

  • Mike Holland says:

    Well said! Jesus and His kingdom is first, second, third and everything for us who know and love Him. We must guard our hearts from being pulled away from the things that truly matter to God.

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