Being in The Mix…

Here I sit, in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala. I am in the mix of horrific situations and stories and yet marvelous opportunities of hope and triumph. So many children… neglected, abused, abandoned, orphaned, unloved, disregarded, and yet so many beautiful young children are they, and how much potential they offer if someone would just believe in them and offer them a simple and beautiful life experience. 

Being in the mix… There are many ways to be in the mix with these children. From my own childhood of abuse, neglect, abandonment, and being unloved I find myself in the mix in a rather unique way. I relate and empathize with many of the hurts and struggles these children face spiritually, emotionally, and sometimes even physically. Not everyone though, can relate and empathize with these kids.

So how can someone who may not be able to relate or empathize be in the mix with these children? I am glad you asked! 😉 People can choose to be in the mix with these children with commitment to prayer support, financial support, finding organizations who help these children and partnering with them, visiting on a short term trip to be exposed to these children and their situations (, using your strengths and talents to help organizations improve their ministries, or maybe even just doing some intentional research on the plight and problems that children who are orphaned and living in the streets throughout the world face. Don’t do nothing!! Do something!! Anything! But make it your goal to become part of the mix of people who are loving and fighting for these children to have opportunities for a brighter future!!

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