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A Book To Read

By November 13, 2020August 11th, 2021No Comments

I, Jesse Alan Rivers, write here tonight to share something very special and from my heart! Many have asked me what has led me to be an advocate and champion for vulnerable and orphaned children. I seldom have sufficient time to share an in-depth response. Well, as I have recently become a published author, there is now a book to do just that… give an in-depth reason for why I do what I do!

JAR: A Vessel in the Hands of the Potter is a memoir of my first twenty years of life, giving a glimpse of how God, the Potter, has molded me to truly care for precious children! Please consider getting yourself a copy and hearing the real story! It is a story all for God’s glory! Abogar International Ministries was founded largely because of some of the important experiences and truths of my first twenty years of life, and God’s desire to use them and me in His great work of loving the orphaned and vulnerable children!

May you find this book to be a hopeful and helpful piece, leading each of us into God’s heart for the orphaned and vulnerable (James 1:27)!

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